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i want to understand how internet works fast speedy about 4.2mbps on youtube playstore.
my friend have internet connection when i connected wifi of freind internet then youtube video downloading speed get 4 mbps and google drive files also download fast and also on playstore app update fast, but if download files from other websites speed only 200kbps downloading. so i want to know why internet speed increase or decrease.
can we download other websites file in high speed like google product speed youtube playstore google drive.

so help me for getting high speed on all downloading files.


Here Two possibilities:

  1. ISP vendor has cache in servers with Huge Storage capacity.
  2. when someone tried to reach youtube or any google related ip then they put peering speed for user.

Any tricks or method to use Google peering with our network,
So we can get everytime high speed.

The reason behind fast youtube videos is that most of the ISP now a days have connectivity to google’s network because of which when a user uses any google application he does not consumes the internet bandwidth instead goes on directly to google’s network i.e. google peering.

  • & Behind fast torrent downloads, the service provider has torrent caching server because of which a user again does not uses the internet bandwidth but uses the btcache server that is the caching server installed in the network which caches the data over a period of time.

The ISP use cache i.e. keep a copy of frequently used files on their own servers and provide the ISP users with these files. This gives the ISP users high speed when downloading the files. This also helps the ISP providers by reducing the bandwidth usage in downloading same files.

ISP use software like PeerGet p2p/Torrent Cache Server it can cache torrent traffic and seed the cached content to the local clients… this save a huge international bandwidth and cost.

Packets speed flow is capped by ISP and hence there’s no “easy trick” to make connection fast.


means its not easy trick but it is possible to make fast connection

last 2 month i register on free google cloud service and create instance ubuntu 18 and installed softether server manager then i create ipsec connection and openvpn config file.
After that when i connect wifi and then connect with ipsec connection or openvpn config file i get speed downloading any file about 4mbps speed fast,
But my bad luck google cloud doesnt accept debit card indian
so google stop my instance and they ask for credit card payment.

what you think above link post
i think i have alibaba cloud free instance so i will use this service for [Outline by Google]
so i do practical, what is your thought and opinion plz share
sorry for bad english.

Hmm-hmm…, it’s 21st century everything is possible at some elite level! :upside_down_face:

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