[SOLVED] Google drive Unlimited Storage

Please Guys, Try to Cooperate with each other. And no doubt until unless you use your sense nothing gonna be ever possible.

And Yes, I agree with Asianki, If you don’t know how to where to and how anything get done or does, No need to jump into it unless you learn about the loses and advantages.

  1. Read Google Drive Term & ToS. not just consider Edu, Conisder only what Google drive made for, it’s use what Google drive doesn’t allow read them carefully.

  2. Use these Edu drive for a Personal use, Trust me nothing would gonna happen with your Drive, no loses of data, nothing.

  3. Never share files or folders with Outsiders, use it personally, to keep files but never share the links in Public.

  4. Sharing the Edu privileges to Real Gmail means > Create a Main folder where you keep your files and want to use, Now Right Click & Click > Share > In People Box > Add the real Gmail which you want share Drive folder with and From right hand Drop-Down menu Select > Can Organize, Add, Edit. Click > Done. Now use that Folder from the real Gmail to upload, delete, whatever you want.

  5. Remember, Edu catch you due to unwelcome traffic (That possible when you share files Publicly) Never do it. and the main reason when you upload anything they don’t want to keep in Cloud. Read Rules of the Product use. Edu meant to keep Student base files, but if you do put fishy things or anything that goes against that brand or a company, you will be end soon.

  6. @Xtreme 2017 Edu, I beat it with over 21.5 TB content, and it last after 1 Year and 7 months due to insane Traffic and downloads. That means no 1 TG, no 5 TB, it is Unlimited.

  7. And ignore those kind of emails, they are just reminders and a kind warning for awareness, Just follow on and complete the task.

Anything else? I don’t think so. Good luck and follow the instructions. Cheers :+1:


Good Explanation, Thanks Admin


Thank you @SaM you make me relax:relaxed:


At the time of registration for this college I had used my real Gmail,
my question is will this decision of the college affect my real Gmail or only the EDU mail account. As they sent this specific mail to both mail accounts.

If it ever Affect, it will affect only EDU. not the real Gmail.


My id got banned from google apps

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me too, got banned!!

i just downloaded torrents to that drive, shared with 5 people.
But i used only one account to download files from that drive directly.

Should i have used US ip to use that drive?? b’cas i used normal IP only.
could that have been a problem?

@SaM even i too got banned all my stuff was on drive 235 gb all gone :frowning:

If you have got a notice inferring that your student services will end on xth day then it will definately stop. I dont believe that’s the traffic control or fishy stuffs. I haven’t share my drive once and I’ve only uploaded 3gb of data but today I got this

But it can also be the college rules but they simple wanted their student to confirm and we didn’t confirm as we couldn’t. So, the trick is dead.


same here :(:sleepy:


Only Able to login , Drive & Google Docs Disappeared.

Dead Here too

Alright, folks let’s settle down this.

It’s true the college rules or ToS has been changed, confirmation menu as well, but to be honest, I ran EDU GD’s for a long time, even I have 2 or 3 that I’m using from last 2 years and above, But the thing is, they are not this college, they’ve from old and the very first method earlier 2017. I’m talking about Los Rios Community College I don’t know their registration is open or not, but registration opens for a specific time. not sure when.

Honestly, all the time I overlooked the San Bernardino Valley College I thought you’ve to talk about Los Rios, my bad, I saw that before trust me I should be spat those tricks, they’ve all about Los Rios all the time. Forgive me for the misunderstanding but those tricks are worth if you ever go with Los Rios because their GD and product access never get busted if you follow above. I myself is a Witness and I can still call some members those who are witnesses like me.

And remember, this Forum has kept the Damn huge content via GD’s in the past total Drives busted 5 total data was 99.2 TB, they got busted due to violation of spam traffic but since there is no violation made, all my recent GD’s are running and working like a Charm they still have over 32.8 TB now listed Private. 2 or 3 made from last 2 years (they are my personal) So basic point is, If you ever get access to Los Rios Edu, it won’t disappoint you. here’s the link I’m talking about: https://apps.losrios.edu (keep checking if you see registration is up)

And here’s another one, maybe none of you tried: https://idp.my.vccs.edu/ (Virginia’s Community College System) You can try it Registration is open.

MORAL: I Trust, I believe, Only Los Rios, not any other, so Go with Los Rios instead of other systems, but you can still test them. Good luck!

WARNING: Do not ask here or anywhere, How to setup account on Los Rios and other 1 I have mentioned, More you ask more chances this source will get caught. keep you and us safe, make your personal searches on Google and it will let you know the method. Good luck!



thanks a lot dude.!!! i tried and got into that : https://idp.my.vccs.edu/.
i got edu mail, but drive cant be accessed.

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Thanks @SaM

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Hi @Hamilton_Gabriel

Could you advise how did you enrol? Was the registration opened or did you find a link different than https://apps.losrios.edu posted by SaM?



As @SaM mentioned above;do your research , you ask more chances we will get caught,make your personal research

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Yes, no asking for further questions, and now I’m going to provide the solution.

Enjoy mate, it’s here and Live: How To Create Los Rios Edu Email Address | Step By Step Including Video! 💯



This is fantastic - thank you!