[SOLVED] Google drive Unlimited Storage

Hello 1hackrs,
It’s about 2 week ago i create an ( .edu) account on San Bernardino Valley College for free. As normal i using it, transferring Data from other sources. But today’s morning i get an email from San Bernardino Valley College authority. S.S. is here!
By the way i have quite important data on here. I used 26 Gb of storage. Are they going to stop my account or something like that, Or usually they notify there student who still unregistered in there collage class?
So what should I do?? :thinking::thinking:
Help me to get this trouble.


Even I got the same mail.

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Yeah, I got the same mail today.

I was thinking of creating the account. This means that data can be at lose anytime.

Useless just as i thought, Unlimited Google Drive that easily, no way, why will anyone provide unlimted gdrive so easily

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No bro it isnt we are using Unlimited Drives since 2017. No problems have occured. This might be for new users who have recently registered this because this trick is in fire everywhere.Don’t just lose hope. Work in the google drive And No need to worry.
If this is a new decision than I think we lost this few @…edu emails if they soon start deleting drives as they have mentioned in their email. Search for another .edu thats the solution.
Btw I am using the google drive but I didnt get any email from them.


Can you share what are do’s & dont’s used by you which prevented this type restrictions from college

And as for Unlimited Google Drive Storage, How much precisely

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Don’t use your google drive. Instead create a shared drive. Add random gmail id that is not linked to any edu. Add 3-4 gmails so that it looks like group members and make it looks legit.
Name it like Computer Science by Arush. Use that drive to upload and download anything you want. It cannot be deleted by anyone other than the admin who issued the shared drive. I mean you.This will be in the help for you if you are under the new system that may come to subject soon. Even if you are not allowed to run google drive your shared drive will work. Remember add admin usage to that random gmail account. Remove yourself from the shared drive. Only use the random emails and admin them before leaving the drive.

Don’t upload what google doesnt allow.


Remember add admin usage to that random gmail account. Remove yourself from the shared drive. Only use the random emails and admin them before leaving the drive.

Please elaborate it easily, i undertsood more than half, explain only what i mentioned of your post

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Listen carefully… Take your real email account that is not edu. Then create a shared drive and add your real email account there. Then give your real email all admin rights. And leave your edu email from the shared drive. Hope this is easy then before.

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how to create a shared drive i mean we can share the folder with some other people and how to remove the admin rights i mean where is the option can you show a screenshot? thanks @TheSpecialOne

and will this provide the other account full 5 tb drive access ?

Why don’t you google ? Btw why did you need a google drive if you dont even know what to do with it ? Just use common sense everything is written in english.


ok sorry mate

its showing ownership cannot be transfered must be of same domain thats edu domain i have another edu mail but its with microsoft so will i be able to access the Gdrive from that domain

its showing not possible . only google drive accounts are allowed

pm you the email please help

Or send me your email I will gift you a google drive

Limited one or Unlimited one ?, just asking. cool

One last question, unlimited means like 1tb, 5tb or more ?

just go back to the email they sent you when you’re admited, and complete your registration, choose any classe you want