[SOLVED] Google Drive Download Help

How to download a non-public folder from shared google drive without zipping?
ps: I want to download a course shared on google drive by @TheSpecialOne , 1.5TB drive.


Use airexplorer for pc and mixplorer for android to download without zipping but there’s limitation of 750gb/day.


You maybe missed recent topics, I had mentioned over 100 tricks and tips including the features of Google drive. and no need to use any tool…it’s easy to grab them without any tool, but choice is yours.

  1. Google recently released a Built-in web player, Just play and watch the video which you want to Grab, you can even grab it in lesser size with maximum quality. For example, if the actual file size is 200MB, when you play it it will reduce it so you might be able to download under 100, 110MB kind size.

  2. Browser the course, download file one after one, It never zip it in case the file wasn’t posted in zip format. you can grab single file one by one without them being zipped by Google. they only get zipped when you select one above.

  3. Use UC Browser, it has built-in downloader, you can grab files without using separate downloader like IDM. (Optional).

Cheers! :+1:


This method is easy and fast. Thanks so much.

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I was aware of these methods but I wanted to download complete folder at once, btw thanks for replying.

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