[SOLVED] GATE course help

Hello guys. I have enrolled in [GATE Applied course]. After enrolling the course, I found that I the videos couldn’t be downloaded for future viewing. One needs to access all the content through their desktop app, in which all web functionalities including inspect element is disabled.

I also tried to recreate their desktop app using nativefier but found no success.

Can anyone please provide me with some trick/solution to download the videos from the desktop app? I would be grateful to you guys.


Have you tried IDM (Internet Downloader Manager ) ?

Only free demo videos are available on their website. All the locked/paid content is accessed through their electron based desktop app. There’s no way (that i know of) that IDM can access the videos in the app. you can download the app from their site and let me know.

Suggestion (should work technically) but no idea since I don’t have access to their content.
Find a firewall software it logs every connection that is made from the PC.
Stream the content (videos) try and find the IP address. If it is static you can use any Downloader software.

Try this and update regarding your findings.

Alright folks, Time to solve this thread.

If you search here We have many threads regarding how to download specific brands videos, most of them DRM protected and no cheat or script may ever get used against them because the Ripping & downloading disabled by them.

things getting better and better every day, most of the resources keeping their content completely secure to never get leaked. and most of the extension of the video is flash & .m4s extension only. and basic part, these videos designed as a Playlist, each file linked together that played from auto-playlist, somehow if you get lucky to download 1 file from playlist it won’t play. (I covered this info at other threads)

Hold on a second, Before we proceed you can check these resources if you can get any alternate to grab anything: GATE-and-CSE-Resources-for-Students

And this one for sure, I must tell you this, Asking about RBG, requesting RBG courses or content Not allowed, someone earlier asked below and I trashed the post, If I see anything further about RBG content discussion I will ban the member’s account. The first time I’m adding this script here because it’s similar to Gate Applied and it can be used if it could simply try it: Ravindrababu-GATE-Lectures-Downloader (If anyone here about to grab RBG content, use it silently, but don’t say a single word)

Now the other alternative solutions are here but you can make experiments by reading further inputs from these solutions:

  1. Check this out: [SOLVED] Download videos on jwplayer? - #2 by SaM

  2. Check this out: https://forum.telugudjmusic.com/t/solved-how-to-download-bharat-acharyas-videos/60612/8?u=sam

  3. Check this out, Specific way to download/stream videos works on most of the sites: A Few Simple Ways To Download JW Player Videos - Know-How!

Remaining solution if the above-given solution doesn’t work.

As you have mentioned for future viewing, the only solution is to Record the videos while you watch them, It is true not all Recorder does work, but a few ones may definitely do the deed, you can find them easily and one of them is here: [Giveaway] Powtoon No Watermark & Screencastify Premium | Two In One! Screencastify get it, install it and follow the instruction from the homepage. That’s all. Good luck! :blush:

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Further solutions are welcome If anyone found any other trick if anyone found or knows something that makes anything possible do post here. But don’t post anything off-topic or request anything.