[SOLVED] for Youtube

Well, let me mention something very clearly and straight, how many times someone keeps pointing out the same solutions again and again over again in fact, the solution remains the same on your questions?. It does make sense. considering your case, the below topics can easily answer the solutions or tips at least. Don’t panic, I’m making this thread much brighten.

And no doubt, many problems can get solved if you just use the SEARCH ENGINE here, you will get all the possible solutions. if anything missed then it can be done at any time by anyone.

Anyways, let me settle this, this way, making this thread something a Bible. and recently youtube made such changes you can get the updates under youtube community forum. as well read the Copyright program.

SOLVED Section with many suggestions, experiments, and fair solutions:

[SOLVED] How can I upload a movie to YouTube without any copyright?
[SOLVED] Youtube can't monetize from the video with copyright claims
[SOLVED] How to edit videos to not get recognized on youtube?
[SOLVED] Any video editor available to reupload youtube video without any issues?
[SOLVED] How could someone copy YouTube live audio stream and turn it to his own live stream!
[SOLVED] How to start a youtube motivational

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I think it’s enough motivation, now let’s see if anyone else can forward the new tricks if they have one. Cheers & happy learning! :+1: