[SOLVED] for web development career(FULL STACK) or any!

I am going to start my career as Web developer.
Viewing nowadays scenario, learning which programming language will be beneficial for job in 2020


The answer would largely depend upon your goal, are you looking to join an organization or are you going to focus on Freelancing. So depending on those you will have to look up whats in demand in your area. Mostly organizations are either doing the MERN stack or MEAN for both of which you will need to Master JavaScript. Alternative Freelancing can be done with these but nowadays small and medium enterprises are now working or shifting to CMS like Wordpress etc and make of up majority of Freelancing jobs . For that route you will have to Master PHP and probably one of its frameworks.

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Thank you so much for your information :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Master JavaScript and move on to MERN or MEAN stack. You should also consider learning Python.

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Thank you so much

Given there will be approximately 1. 4 million computing jobs available in 2020, and only 400000 developers to fill them, those interested in acquiring in-demand career skills can certainly benefit from having web-development and coding on their résumé, regardless of industry.

And just as the ability to read and write words on paper was once a special skill held by a select few, in the coming years and decades, the coding ability is going to see a transition from optional to essential.

In short, learn to program, learn how to code, and you’ll be learning the keys to your future.

If you ask me I’ll suggest doing a full-stack web development course.

A few years ago, companies had dedicated teams to handle front end and back end part of application development. But in the last few years, start-ups who have limited resources are looking to fill up full-stack developer positions.

They are finding it cost-effective to hire a Full-stack Developer who is proficient in multiple tasks than hiring front end and back end developers separately.

Moreover, integration becomes easier and faster when a single person handles both aspects of the app development.

In the past 1 year, the demand for full-stack developers has increased by 30%. A full-stack developer can earn up to 30% more than a regular developer depending on his experience level.

According to me the best institute to learn web development is IIDE(Indian Institute of Digital Education).

The School of Code is an exhaustive 6-month program that covers various technical and practical aspects of coding and web development.

The course curricular focuses on portfolio creation, technical skill development, and imparting practical knowledge in terms of projects and assignments. By the end of the course, you will be a certified Full Stack Developer equipped with industry-level skills.

Following are the career prospects as a full stack web developer.

The answer depends so much on who you are and your intended use that any programming language could be the answer, even one that’s not a Turing complete language, and even one that’s just a markup language like HTML rather than a programming language, although I might be stretching the meaning of “coding language” a bit there.

Programming languages can be compared based on

  1. Feature set,
  2. Architecture availability,
  3. Libraries,
  4. Performance (given current implementations),
  5. Community support,
  6. Educational resources (technically part of community),
  7. Aesthetics.

I’ll walk through the example of machine code as I personally find machine code and assembly very aesthetically pleasing, the quintessence of powerful simplicity. But, the feature set is the bare minimum in terms of programming languages because machine code is optimized for controlling machines, not for being understood by people.

Similarly, machine code is architecture dependent, so you get at best one family of architectures for each type of machine code. On the other hand, machine code has as much library support as the architecture does, which reveals the relationship between architecture popularity and library support. Performance for machine code is at the maximum for that architecture, although it is very, very, very tedious to write machine code directly. Community support is surprisingly small for machine code as most programmers don’t bother using it directly, although you can always find enclaves of hardcore programmers like you see in the movies who tinker with machine code and assembly code. Educational resources are available for just about every platform because the last thing a hardware manufacturer wants is to build a machine that no one will ever use.

You can walk through the same checklist for every language and get a different blend of features, weigh those features according to your own needs, and prosper.


FRONT_END : html,css,java script
BACK_END : Java,PHP,Client side Java Script,Node js
any database language preferably SQL.


Am Part Time Angular Dev, and in my state angular is booming. made 3 projects recently and one won 2nd place in a competition.
one suggestion i can give you is Never Stop with JS. its shit yet very powerful very powerful.



You can refer to the below-mentioned link. It contains a roadmap to becoming a Front-end web developer and all the technologies that you should know to become one.

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