[SOLVED] Finding Legit Sellers on Dark Web

Hello everyone! I was wondering if there’s a way to verify if a seller on Dark Web is legit or probably a scammer. I recently got scammed on one of the websites and couldn’t get back my money.

Is there some website on the dark Web that lists scam and legit websites? Also, what are the best ways to analyse a dark Web website?

Btw, there’s this thread on 1Hack which lists all the awesome dark web links and I actually tried to buy from one of the sites listed in that document and got scammed. Please, if possible, can any body help me with this?

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search this toppic on don does 30 youtube channel or JackTutorials youtube channel , you will get it there

I think torum is your best bet. It has a post pinned in marketplace section which has the list of all scammers. Also, dread is a nice place to ask if anyone has already had a deal with the vendor you are looking forward to and confirm that he’s not a scammer. Or you can just ask the community on torum or dread for recommendations. Always remember, if a deal is too good to be true, it probably isnt. Be safe.


So how do you find out what’s a scam and what it isn’t? As user Coeysus says on a Reddit thread asking that same question,

“No escrow means NO [it’s not legit].” :tipping_hand_woman:

Seriously. No matter what you need to buy, your illegal mind lone side stop is Deep Web. Sometimes, you even find what you want for an amazing price.

It turns out that some of those too-good-to-be-true prices are just that: too good and not true. :slightly_frowning_face:

A Scammer’s Gotta Scam

Deep web fake sellers are just what they sound like: people who set up an account and put items up for sale that they don’t actually have. Not only do they put items up for sale, they slap crazy-good prices on them.

Fifty percent off a laptop? Yes!

Then buyers click away and send their payments only to wait for that awesome delivery that never comes.

Think Before You Click to Avoid Amazon Fake Sellers

If it’s a shop like dream market, then easiest way to ensure you’re using a legitimate vendor is to look through their reviews. If a seller has a relatively long history of positive reviews, you should be fine. Be wary of any seller with reviews from consumers who claim they never received their items.

However, if you find a price on an item from a new seller that is dramatically lower than you’d expect, consider it a red flag.