[SOLVED] Facebook LIVE Boost

How to boost LIVE post in facebook page while we LIVE to sell products to gain more view or engagement?

You have to build your audience BEFORE you go live. Create a page or group and actively market it with great content (articles, product reviews, tips, deals for members, specials, etc.). When you have 100+ audience, THEN go live. Guerrilla live streaming hoping that you are going to catch a fish is very optimistic and dare I say a bit naive. But do not get discouraged, Facebook live streaming is a very effective method to keep a loyal customer base connected and most importantly keep them shopping. Keep your content fresh, keep a regular schedule with your lives and your audience will grow organically. Sorry I do not have a hack for you, but I wish you good luck and share with you my experience.


There are a lot of things that you can do to help improve your facebook reach and a lot of them have been mentioned already

  • Ads
  • more engaging Images/videos
  • Posting URL’s
  • comments
  • hashtags
  • time of day
  • trying different types of posts (A/B Testing) etc

The other thing that is over looked is the quality of the people who have ‘liked’ your page. If you have a lot of fake followers (in the old days people bought page likes from ‘like’ farms’ as they thought the more likes the better - WRONG!) then this will have an impact to your reach for the following reason.

Lets say that you have 10k page likes but 9k are fake. And currently when you do a post you get 20 interactions (likes, comments, shares) then the % of engagement/likes is 20/10,000 = .2% however the 9k page likes are never going to engage with you (they are fake). If you didn’t have those 9k fake likes then your engagement % would be 20/1000= 2%.

Facebook now takes into account the engagement % in edge rank and they say ’ hey this page isn’t very interesting since it has such a low engagement rate’ whereas you are actually 10x more interesting (and engaging) and if Facebook knew that then your posts would feature better! I hope that makes sense.

So the moral of the story is
a) don’t buy fake likes (followers etc)
b) try and get rid of as many fake likes as you can - i am not aware of any tools that can do this but i could be wrong - the only method i know is to look at your page likes and try and determine which are fakes - countries such as India, Indonesia and The Philippines (an i am guessing some in eastern europe) were locations of a lot of like farms.

If you have a local/domestic business assuming you are not in one of the countries listed above its a pretty good bet that those likes from the Philippines are fake etc. For global businesses its a little harder and takes more work but the end result will be worth it

Also profiles without pictures are normally pretty suspect

Hope that helps! :heart:


Alright, so a lot of people have been finding that their Facebook posts are not getting as much reach as they did previously after Facebook updated their News Feed ranking algorithm.

Since Fb has killed all the organic reach, it reaches to the least number of people or you can say to ‘Zero People’. One way is to push content by putting some media behind it, by boosting the posts. Other way is to provide really awesome content to users which is sharable and viral, which they intend to share. Initial way is to spread it through your Fb profile and ask your friends, tag them and spread the info or the links.

What we’ve found with a lot of our clients is that you don’t need to go out and completely re-create your social strategy, you simply need to tweak it in a few areas to make it more versatile for the current Facebook landscape. Look at your current content and determine how you can align it to the following points:

  • Avoid the use of memes as these were seriously discounted in the algorithm update, rather opt for creating your own unique and clever content
  • Avoid the use of strong calls to action, rather imply that the user would love what your content represents or that it’s something he or she should check out when they have some time. Any reference to “like this” or “share this” or “click here” should definitely be ruled out
  • Do what you can to stir up engagement. If people respond, respond back! Make sure they know that you’re there and you’re listening
  • Keep your eye on your insights and see what content people are most prone to engaging with. Why is that? Is it more interesting? Is it the theme… try and feed them more of what they want
  • Keep your levels of post frequency high so that you’re constantly showing up in someone’s news feed
  • Try and find the time of day that suits your users best. Is it early morning? Lunch time? Look at your insights and interaction based on the time of day and test a few more examples to confirm your stats
  • Keep monitoring what works and what doesn’t and don’t hesitate to throw the latter from your strategy.

Gaining higher post reach will help you gain more likes and followers on Facebook. There are a few ways to accomplish this. You can pay and post ads on Facebook or join other pages that are highly related to your page. This way, you can regularly share posts from your page to other groups. Also, upload great profile pictures and cover images. Users will be instantly drawn to attractive images on your page. Post cool and trending content that is informative and not spammy in anyway.