[SOLVED] Encrypt Dropbox files

Hi Team, I have a drop box business account using 1TB storage. Suddenly I thought I need to encrypt the files as they are my personal photos.
Iss there any tools available to encrypt in drop box itself.
I do not want to re download and encrypt upload again


You can do it by yourself using native OpenSSL for free, and upload the encrypted file manually (as you did before) -

File encryption using OpenSSL

You can use the same private-key to encrypt all the files you’re uploading, or different keys if you are paranoid. But you have to keep those private keys secret for you only (and don’t upload it to the server for example).

Just make a Veracrypt container and drop it in the cloud).

Is is much better to use a opensource software than using a web service because the key could be stolen in many ways.

Use TrueCrypt with Dropbox. Dropbox does block-based sync, so it has no difficulty with large volumes. It only syncs the changed blocks, not the entire volume. Most people have a 2gb and 4gb truecrypt volume and a fistful of ~100MB volumes that they use for keys and such. Rarely have any difficulty.

Try syncing with the free CrococryptMirror:

  • Copying and synchronizing of arbitrary folders/directories to encrypted folders (Backup Containers)
  • Automatic Synchronization (Live mode, e.g., for Cloud Uploads)
  • On-Demand Synchronization (e.g., for external drives like USB drives)
  • Encryption of file content, filenames, file meta data
  • Shorten of filenames

CrococryptMirror Homepage:Encrypted File Backups

If you don’t want to do it by yourself, there are a lot of companies that offers encryption product that integrates well with cloud services

Commercial Apps

rebelbackup is a commercial app, but you can try it for free for 30 days. Learn more at Rebel Backup: Encrypted backups of files and folders to Dropbox and Google Drive

Boxcryptor | Security for your Cloud encrypts the data locally on your device. Then a sync procedure is triggered by Dropbox and the data is transferred to the cloud already protected. That means that nobody else except from you (and the Boxcryptor users with whom you’ve shared the access with) can open that encrypted data.

Mountain Duck and Cyberduck allow Cryptomator client-side encryption of your data which is missing in Dropbox and all other popular cloud storage solutions. You will find a description of how to use Cryptomator Vaults in Dropbox and access your documents from your computer and mobile in the following sections.

Encrypt your data with Mountain Duck and Cyberduck

  • Connect to your bookmark and navigate to the location where you want to store your secured data.
  • Right-click on white space and choose New Encrypted Vault in the context menu.

  • As described in the appearing window enter a name for your encrypted folder. Afterward, choose a password and confirm it by retyping it in the last field.

  • Double-click on your newly created Vault and unlock it by typing the password into the corresponding field.

  • The Vault opens. Now you can create or copy the documents you want to secure into the Vault to encrypt them.

Access your encrypted data with the Cryptomator app on your mobile.

  • Install the Cryptomator App on your mobile (IOS, Android).
  • Tab on the plus symbol and choose the option Add existing vault .
  • To open the previously created Cryptomator Vault choose the cloud service Dropbox, log into your account and navigate to the Vault.
  • Open the Vault folder and select the masterkey file which is named masterkey.cryptomator . After that, the app should show automatically the landing page of the Cryptomator app with the previously selected Vault pinned.
  • Tab on the pinned Vault and type the password into the corresponding field. The Vault should open right after you have unlocked it with the password and you have access to your secured data.

This process does not only work with Dropbox but with any other connection supported in Cyberduck and Mountain Duck. You can find more information on Cryptomator support in their wiki.


It was asked for tools for encryption of files in Dropbox itself??

I wish not to download the files again and upload again. Any other ways to encrypt on the dropbox itself