[SOLVED] Email search googleBussiness

Hey Guys !

First of all I want to thank you for all things i’ve learned here you’re great community!
Going on, I have a job now and I have a task that looks like this:
Go to google and get information about all types of Bussines such as Phone and Email here is the trick part (PER ZONE) :frowning:

Its a pain in the head doing this one by one…
I’m now studding Python but I have no idea whare to begin to make a script that’s make my life and
work more efficient…

Thank you so much for everything !


Assuming, you have particular sites, from where you get information then you can scrap/crawl that websites.
-If you’re learning python then I think using BeautifulSoup package(HTML Parser) will be helpful. And if web site require java script and event base triggers then try Selenium. There is also Scrappy for python.
-If you know .NET or C# then use HTMLAgility and Selenium driver.
-If you don’t have any programming experience I recommend you to first learn basics of programming language and then dive into web scrapping(I think courses are available on FTU site and you tube)

After learning, you can automatize google search by using google search command and etc in your python script.


hey, bro, I hope to be good and all of my friends in this forum, if you have a boring task and repetitive python, is good but if you don’t have a good base in programing or don’t have time to wait for learning python or any other programing language and need to create a robot for doing some task I suggest to work with RPA Tools like UIPATH is Good for scarping information from web or file and put it in excel file and also he has a lot of activities he make your life easier
this is a link if you need to learn about UIPATH

Good day For All :muscle:


Use Automate the Boring Stuff with Python: Practical Programming for Total Beginners Book by Al Sweigart for starter. Video course is also available as a reference to this book on Udemy and Youtube.

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