[SOLVED] Downloading courses(Whole webpage) from various websites for offline use

Apart from some courses that requires more than videos., there are many courses that needs code implementation and also various sites provides many options in their webpage for learning.

During this period, many sites are providing free courses, but for only limited amount of time. So it will be helpful if those courses are saved offline for future use.

I need to

> download the entire course, not only the video ( the entire course page)

as in udacity courses that are available in torrents.

Mainly, Is there any universal method to rip those courses that could be used in all or most of the websites?.

Any suggestions or information is appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!


Here is a tool I used to download my course on Udacity (EdgeAI by Intel):

Hope this helps.


Already answered, please check the below post. :slight_smile:


its only for Udacity! I asked a method for all or atleast most of the courses.

I’ve asked for, like universal method to download the whole content including videos and all resources, as in we can use that course contents for offline viewing.

But all the mentioned methods in that post are based on video downloading or recording only. I need to download a course like this one,

It’s an Udacity course, but i need to download from other sites like,

Code Academy
365datascience & etc…,

As i mentioned earlier, though many courses are available for free for now, it can’ be used or completed within the free period.

> I think it will be of more helpful to others also.


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Sorry master :roll_eyes:
Please check out HTTrack. Helps you download webpages as well.

That’s the first one i checked, but even after trying several times., it doesn’t downloads the entire course.

anyone knows how to download gnomon workshop tutorial?

Jesus… you could try to be a little more grateful to people who are trying to help you (or maybe you should learn how to express yourself better in the first place). I for one never help people who don’t know how to say please or thank you, even if I know the answer. They need to learn some manners and basic social behavior first.


There is a conversation in process, to get solution. Its upto the ppl to help or not.
If u can’t, just stay back.


> There is no need for a moral inspector here!!


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Where you able to find one?

It is not working in my case. I am getting an error.

Me too. I tried to download courses from guvi.in using youtube-dl but it failed. Has anyone been able to download a course from guvi?

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IDM works fine for GUVI.in. scroll up and down and wait for a minute. the IDM download bar appears.

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I was able to download the sites datascience365,realpython,testbook etc with the contents, except for the embedded videos.

Videos can be downloaded separately using IDM, but its a long process to get all those videos individually.

can’t download anything like Udacimak does!!

So, still i’m searching for a better solution. I will update once, i get a good one.

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Thanks, unfortunately could no longer download because guvi.in offer is no longer valid. Please if you were able to download some courses and stored them in a cloud, could I please have a link to them. Especially if you have for deep learning.

Cool. Me too I’m searching for a better solution similar to what udacimak does for udacity

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when I download videos from 365 Data science the audio in videos seems small chunks of audio track
are cutting off in few seconds. If anyone saves or find out how to save 365 datascience as a whole please share. It would be nice if I download it as a whole. or If you find whole somewhere else make sure to share link.

Hi, pls what tool did you use to grab those sites? Have a similar project I am trying to work on. Currently using Offline Explorer Enterprise. I have used Teleport Pro in the past too. Can you share the tool or resource you used so far. Perhaps yours will be better than mine.


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Could you share us this course, please