[SOLVED] download soloution needed. please read the full query

hey guys, I have a query, so I am subscribed to a private membership site which offers courses on digital marketing & soo on, my membership would end within a week & there are more than 50+ courses & resources which I need to download. the problem is, it is too Time-consuming & I am downloading as much as I can.

I wanted a solution where I can post the download links & it would store it for me for future reference & then later I can download from that website on my ease.

so if anyone of you all can help then it would be a wonder, coz I am struggling to find such resource.

and yeah 1hack community rocks. especially @SaM & other members
got to learn soo much from ya’ll. thanks a lot guys. looking forward for the solution.

  1. Pastebin
  2. Hastebin
  3. 0bin
  4. Paste.ee
  5. Ybin
  6. Zerobin

I use the free Bitly service, as much for link shortening as for my little bookmarking arrangement. My approach works well, with a few limitations and qualifiers:

  • It is free
  • Max is 10,000 bookmarks.
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