[SOLVED] Decode SMSes details from eeprom dump of Nokia 105 (RM908)

Dear all,

Anyone can help in decoding the messages information from such a dump pls? Read the whole eeprom from this device by removing the IC and dumping it completely for a total of 8mb. Am using a WinHex as an editor , can see the messages as ASCII but would like to find out any of these too if possible- the date, time, sending number and destination number.

One idea which I would like to avoid is to get another phone with the same version of the firmware and write it into the new phone, however the process is quite risky and time consuming.

Thanks for any help

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No risk is slow if you have donor phone only thing dumping data’s to the phone has issue if dumping or donor phone memory has some bad sectors.
Decoding the hex is long round process
And try to do donor phone health check before translating it