[SOLVED] Creating aws account

Hello guys from 3 to 5 days trying to create aws account I tried around 4 to 5 different debit cards cause I am student can’t afford and manage credit carrd
last option for me to use credit card bins please help me If you able to create it by online credit cards

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as per my experience aws acs with bins dont last much they ban u soon after

i have seen few people getting lucky with BINs but they get banned very quickly

it is a little easier for Indians to make online credit cards with irctcmudra but they are also limited to 5 Digital (FREE) & 5 Physical (PAID) Cards


I created my AWS account 3-4 days ago using debit card everything works fine you need to confirm your card details that’s it.

Hi! I can’t creat aws account with my VCC
Threre are any method to creat virtual credit card that accept aws account !!!

I am using my sbi debit card it’s not working also created irctc mudra it’s not working either
so I came to last option which card is working according to you

Are You Using VISA or Rupay Card?

VISa basic

Please read the FAQ

Does Requesting Bins/Cookies/Generators/Cards Allowed?

NO ! Requesting BIN/Cookie… etc, are not allowed, you can’t request for bins/cookies via Topic nor via a reply on any thread.
You can see bins/cookies related topics here just use them, but requesting for the given one has expired or any new bins/cookies/generators Not Allowed . whenever thread starter has working bins/cookies in hand he/she will update automatically, that doesn’t mean you can PM them. requesting/asking for Bin/cookie via thread/reply/PM may cause Account suspension.



Hi! To find out what I can do, say @Nina display help.