[SOLVED] Corrupted files .ADHUBLLKA virus, how to recover?

My computer have recently been attacked by a virus and now my files are corrupted by the format .ADHUBLLKA. I would like to know if there is any possibility to recover those files.

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I think your pc got ramsomware virus all your file is encrypted.

Unfortunately there are a wide variety viruses and other malware that encrypt a victim’s data, and each one requires something different to undo the encryption.

  • the only generic process that works for all of them is to restore your data from backups, but my guess is that if you had backups to restore from you probably wouldn’t need to ask this question.

i’m afraid it depends very much on what exactly you have with regards to how (and if) the data can be recovered. the best thing to do is get an anti-virus or anti-malware product that can identify your malware and then contact the vendor of that product in order to ask about what your recovery options are for that specific piece of malware.

If this can help you in anyway…


NOTE: In any case, to anyone, who still got no backup yet: GET A PROPER BACKUP. It costs you basically nothing - any old HDD could be used as a backup drive. It’s not rocket-science…


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That is exactly what OP meant dude.