[SOLVED] Cannot bypass wifi bandwidth limit

To connect to my College wifi you need login id and password
Or a registered Mac address to the system
Few days before I was connecting the WiFi using VPN and bypassing login id and password,(It was giving me speed upto 80 Mbps and unlimited data)
But now I can’t bypass it by any VPN
So I Spoffed An registered Mac address and assigned to my computer
By the Speed I’m getting is 4 Mbps only (max)
Can anyone suggest how I can again enjoy the same Speed I used to before.
(After a research I found that the router have closed all execive ports,only port 80 is open
I was using ooenVpn which was using port 1941,…)

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To clarify your situation:

  • Earlier router has another open port to access internet.
  • Now only port 80 is open
  • Is authentication running on port 80?
  • Usually port 8080 is also used for such authentication.
  • All "authenicated mac and logins " probably has this speed limit.
  • Try to access by using some exploit etc.
  • Or use admin or teacher/staff login (almost tough). You can use keylogger to get staff passworrds if you are smart.
    Good luck

Tried but not successed to cross 38 Mbps
But still better than 4
Thank you

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