[SOLVED] Can I Use .org for non-profit purpose

As the title say can i use .org domain for non-profit purpose because .com and .net is very expensive and .org is available at normal price, so i purchased
Does it have any effect on Seo or traffic and i also heard that .org will soon be purchased by a private company…


Yes, because both are different TLD (Top Level Domain).

.org is for organization and .com is for commercial business. It’s like a domain identity that helps to target local customers.

Also, it raises the confidence of your website’s visitors, mainly when they come from the country of the TLD. it helps to boost your website credibility.

SEO Factor!

There is no actual difference from an SEO perspective which domain is used (same applies to org, .net or .co).

  • This change came about around 5-6 years ago, if I remember correctly. Before then, a .com domain was the best in terms of SEO, with the expansion of the internet, Google realized that the domain no longer came with any real authority, so they stopped using the domain as an SEO factor.

Psychology Point!

There is no ranking benefit between them, they are all considered to be top level domains. In terms of ranking .net .com .org and even .tk (Tokelau free suffix) are all capable of ranking at the top of Google and trump all other competitors with no disadvantage.

However, the reason for the hype and why .com has more value above all else is it is sub consciously the one every person reverts to typing in the back of their mind.

If someone attempts to goto your business website and don’t actually know your website, naturally the first thing they’ll attempt is [NameOfYourBusiness].com

  • Furthermore, the more oddball suffix domains like .tk, is likely to cause user suspicion, and make them question the authenticity of the domain.

People greatly underestimate the power of ranking and factors that control the users decision because a computer doesn’t operate in the same fashion.

which is stupid, people should always be your #1 focal point, if you crack the people algorithm, the computer one will get trumped every time :wink:

Even if, some private company is taking control over .org domain extension, they’ll have right to set the price as they see fit.

Nothing else, they’ll do apart from this!


Both are domain name extensions commonly used for commercial and organizational purpose.

There is no difference between the 2 except in perception. A .com is preferable to a .org because we’re all used to _______ . com and it’s possible you could lose a little direct traffic because of that. But if it’s an organization like a non-profit or charity then .org is just fine. It’s also a heck of a lot cheaper to get a .org and you’ll have more options.


Thanks for the good explanation!