[SOLVED] Can i buy a [ .com ] domain + hosting for one year in 5$?

Can i buy a [ .com ] domain + hosting for one year in 5$ ? please if you know let me
Thanks in advance.

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Yes, some Cheap domain providers exist. It’s not that easy the way you think it is. And it’s so simple to ask anything to get know even you never considered such things. so better to get learn, how it does, what it cost, what it can, where it is, how it is, how it can be possible, is it restful, it is painful, bla bla bla and bla.

A Brotherhood advise, If you think spending $5 can give you a massive income in return? I think if it ever gonna happen, each of us will buy 2 for sure. LOL
Let me guess, if you’re wondering to have a domain just for fun and get a little bit advantage, then Yes, there are many Cheap domain providers. But you should read and understand who the deliver your domain to where, because if you wondered to see your domain in google search by searching content then that’s a hard part, unless you get approved by Google and further configurations.

Anyways, Read this carefully: https://www.whoishostingthis.com/blog/2014/07/29/website-cost/
and check this out for cheap ones: https://www.123-reg.co.uk/domain-names/cheap-domains/
Free plus cheap rates: https://www.top10-websitehosting.co.uk/free-domain-name

In the end, use GIYF.COM (Google is your Friend, but you don’t seem to understand!) Ask in the search bar and follow the results by reading and understanding which provider does suit to your need.

Good luck!



Thanks @SaM for detail answer…Actually i have no credit card but i got 5$ gift card from somewhere so i wanted to buy a domain hehehehehe…

@SaM is correct, how can somebody give u domain and hosting for 1 year in 5$ when domain fees look like this

.com domain
wholesale registry - $7.85
ICANN Fee - $0.18

Total - $8.03

Other tld are more expensive like .org, .net etc.

And for hosting i find even cheapest hosting cost like 1 or 2$ per month .

So please don’t believe those hosting provider may be they are providing to gain customer.


Why to waste $5, when you can have everything for free… :smirk:

How To Get Free Domain [METHOD]

Alibaba Cloud - I think they still give a one-year free trial on its cloud hosting plan, so that you can try it. After that, you can continue using Alibaba Cloud by paying them, it’s cheap, only if you want to… :smirk:

There are other companies too, who use to give a year trial…

Amazon AWS - is not completely free but in past they also use to give a one-year free trial. You have to pay after one year.