[SOLVED] Buying bitcoins

I am having a problem while buying a bitcoin offer from PAXFUL, it says: “This offer does not allow VPN/Tor/Proxy or other anonymizer usages”, anyone knows a solution? thanks in advance

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This started happening to me around the same time. Try contacting paxful support. worked out for me

VPN detection is usually just by recognizing IPs used by common VPN providers.

  • So you need to use a trustworthy VPN and a VM just for Paxful to avoid browser fingerprinting. Otherwise Bisq is a good exchange with zero Id verification.You could try using an uncommon VPN provider as well.

Also, if you have a friend in another state, you could ask to them to let you remote into their PC and do the transaction from there.


i think you should check buying it at www.coinmama.com

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thanks a lot for your comment, appreciate it.

thanks a lot for your comment too, appreciate it!