[SOLVED] Building automation that scrapes data from company's websites that don't have a Facebook Pixel to get email

What Kind of “help” Queries Are Not Allowed?

We do not allow anyone asking for the legal stuff illegally!

Some examples!

  • Asking legal content Illegally or asking any other illegal content that can hurt any brand or individual’s royalty is strictly prohibited from posting! :warning:
  • I want this course/tutorial/books, please anyone can give it to me, in case you guys have it? :thinking:
  • How to get the “xyz brand/company’s” free account or premium account for free? :smiley:
  • How can I earn money easily, rapidly, smoothly, efficiently… fast, etc? :woman_facepalming:
  • I need this tool/app how to get this free/premium tool/app, avoid asking to get things this way…
  • How to code this, can you help me with a coding script? I am stuck with a code, now what to do? <<< Please, avoid asking such deep programming language questions, as there is already a website dedicated for this stackoverflow ! :slightly_frowning_face:

Anyways, If this can help you. :neutral_face:

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