[SOLVED] automate things in browser without coding

how can i automate some of my task in web browser or doing the same thing again and again easily

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iMacros for Chrome - Automate Repetitive Web Browser Tasks With iMacros


iMacros is robust and powerful browser automation tool. Its features match up to KantuX in all aspects, only that it takes it a bit further.

iMacros is capable of other functions such as web scripting, data extraction, and web testing. It is also the only automation app capable of multi-page form filling.

How Imacros Work ??

As you know it’s an automation tool , it simply gets some data from your specified file and automatically fill in the respective position and all the instructions that its going to follow in this process are in its script.
If you prepare a script to fill the form through imacros then
Simply put all data as input into a very straightforward and easily understandable text file and iMacros can read the data from there and submit it to the web site – completely automatic, without your interaction

Its most impressive features are:

Uses of Imacros

  • Fill Forms
  • Navigation
  • Data Collection
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Image recognition
  • SEO purpose
  • Account Creator
  • Backlink Generator
  • Regression testing and many more.

iMacros’ simple user interface makes it easy to use and learn. Its robust wiki and community forums also mean that you can never be stuck for information.


@TheJoker You beat me with a minute :man_facepalming: That’s the perfect solution.


thanks buddy

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download Selenium IDE instead it is better than imacros