[SOLVED] Automate my backup from cpanel to multcloud

hello guys,

First thank you for One drive 5tb get method , and the usefull multcloud that where very helpfull
i am doing the backups from cpanels to multcloud connected to ondrive manualy and this take time is there a way that i can automate the backups directly like every 1 week or few days ??


Under the Backup setting, See if you can get any Option to Set backup period/session on the specific date. If there is no option then it’s Obvious a 3rd tool or software can’t configure on both hosts to add a job.

And your Cpanel doesn’t have a backup plan/option? let it back up and you backup them manually to any host or drive to save them, It’s neither a tough job if you’re running any task.

Anyways, let me fulfil the solution:

Check this Script: http://www.thecpaneladmin.com/cpanel-automated-backup-script/
Check these guide by Mulcloud: https://www.multcloud.com/tutorials/onedrive-one-way-backup-1234.html and this one video also provided at the bottom by them: https://www.multcloud.com/tutorials/cpanel-backup-to-google-drive-1004.html
Further queries can be found here if Multcloud does allow such functions or not: https://www.multcloud.com/cloud-sync/index.html (All Cloud Sync Solutions) use the FAQ by exploring pages one by one.

Lastly, If nothing gets work, then use your figure to key best keywords and find the solution yourself by use GIYF.COM (Google is your friend) I’m sure the above solutions are enough to solve this thread, else if anyone has the further option, he/she can reply on this thread. Good luck!



Via Cron job it is possible!

How-To: Schedule Full Automatic cPanel Backups for MySQL Databases and Files using the Cron