[SOLVED] Are There any Free Bots That sends traffic to my website

Is there any free bot software that sends traffic to my website for free


Jingling Traffic Bot Software v4.0.4


Should I Use Jingling Traffic Bot or Not [Pros and Cons] ?

Most of the people are confused whether to use jingling to get traffic or not ?

Make your decision by reading the pros and cons of jingling bot below.


It will drive thousands of traffic to your site and will surely increase your alexa rankings and will increase your authority in search engines like google and yahoo.

It is also beneficial if you are using PTP or CPM ads networks for learning. It will surely boost your earning in that case.


If you are using Google Adsense on your blog, then using jingling traffic software is very dangerous to use. It will surely cause your Adsense to be blocked because Google is very strict and don’t accept bot traffic or exchange traffic.


Joker , Do you know if sites will be able to detect that this traffic is not real. I recently used an application by the name of TrafficSpirit and administrators realized that I used fake traffic.

somiibo will also work.

Try searching in this forum… it’s already available

Are you able to find a version without Virus. Everything I downloaded ended with Virus

bitdefender scan file contain a virus the same result for malwarebytes

with a little scripting skills you can make a website viewer bot yourself

but this will be only short term win win