[SOLVED] Any methods to create email database

i want to know if there are any methods to create email database by using software yourself from internet to complete surveys. If any one knows please post full process.

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You need a minimum of following fields to build emails:

  • Full Name (split into first name and last name)
  • The domain of the company like Microsoft(dot)com

Once you have these two 3 fields, you can use the following tools to build an email database:

  • Mailboxlayer
  • Hunter(io)
  • Neverbounce

WIth both Mailboxlayer and Neverbounce you will have to run 10–15 patterns of emails against each name and domain and see which email is valid. It might be a case that none is valid,so you will have to skip them.

The other option is to simply get a customised and verified high-quality database of contacts from companies like EasyLeadz, SMSIDEA… etc. If you google more you get more companies.

Hope this helps.