[SOLVED] any ideas how to generate leads for cpagrip

any one know any method to boost leads without getting account banned

Same problem :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

Make better landing page and unsaturated niche , do you use faceboook ads, if not jump in?

FB traffic is mobile oriented so try promoting only Mobile app downloads. Add like this in your landing page " Prove you are a human by downloading one app to watch this video".

  • The reason you’re getting less or no leads is… Your customers are not convinced enough, it could be LP, bad targeting or they just don’t need your thing.

Also, see if you have all offers enabled on CPAGrip, or better yet, move to a better network.

  • Try cpalead and make custom locker with pictures of unique content that will make users complete the offer to unlock your content.

Also, Use Bing ads Make better landing page and unsaturated niche

The thing is, you should use the right niche in the right place
for example you find 10 groups about losing weight and post something about ebook strategy
just use your brain man and know how people think

If you are getting decent traffic, then

  • try a different network and compare the results

If you see that you’re getting good clicks, that means they interested in your content, but do not know how to complete offers, If they are not interested in your content they do not click to complete the offer! :slight_smile:

  • Actually, most people don’t know how to complete cpagrip surveys.

Have you tried to complete a survey before?

It is very hard to complete a survey even though its a email submit you won’t earn money as soon as a user submit their email. They have to complete a shit load of surveys to unlock a content. Even after the offer is completed the content remains locked sometimes.

i think you need to teach people how to complete the offer … you should type in your content/link locker like : ( complete one of these offers by submit your phone number or your email , then you will be able to download the video ) , that’s just for example

the people do not know how to complete the offers so you should teach them in short words

If you are thinking for gaming niche?

Unfortunately those are pretty saturated now, they still work but … if you want something less saturated just think of something people really would want desperately and couldn’t really get it elsewhere, like some gaming hacks, generators, videos… etc do you get it?. :wink: