[SOLVED] any free access to educative io courses?

hi, I want to know are there any alternative sites where I could find educative io courses for free?
Or is there a way to access without having a GitHub student account?

Thank You


You can enjoy dozens of free courses as part of the GitHub Student Pack!

How to get .edu account (Free Github Student Pack, Office 365 and much more…))


thank you for the video,

I have done everything as shown in the video, but at last while trying to get into google/gmail.
it says

Google couldn’t verify this account belongs to you.

Try again later or use Account Recovery for help.
and there are no recovery options too. could you please help?

Maybe you can try this:-

https://gmailaccountrecovery.blogspot.com/#describe provides useful guidelines for the “Describe your issue” question: You should first read it, and undertake the above process carefully. Also, please provide the same contact email you submitted when filling out the Account Recovery form. If this email doesn’t match Google will not be able to help you. Using, if possible, a device and location which previously worked, may be beneficial, and don’t use a VPN.

  • Read all of this message carefully, before doing anything. Read the help link carefully.
  • Take your time with the form that Google will send you - you get only one chance, so be careful
  • Then:-
  1. Contact a Google Account Recovery Specialist. htps://support.google.com/accounts/contact/forum_ar_escalations?hl=en The more information, and accurate information, that you can provide, the better. If you haven’t actually attempted and sent to Google previously the account recovery, they will reject your submission.
  2. If you have multiple accounts that need recovery, you must use one form for each account.
  3. You may receive from Google an auto-reply with your own unique Case ID, for each account that you are trying to recover.
  4. The Account recovery team will personally review your request, and contact you directly with the outcome.
  5. No further attempts to recover, until Google make a decision, and inform you. If you do, you may be placed last in the queue, or completely ignored, or be locked out of this process, for spamming.

Please take care with this submission. We cannot help you any further, if you do not get a positive outcome; we do not work for Google; only volunteers here.