[SOLVED] any body help me send bulk emails?

i want to send email daily 1 to 10k so i need help any method or idea send bulk emails?


Check this:

Anything for mac users ???

Please Search before asking anything here, Avoid making duplicate subject for a same things that already been solved a while ago. Anyways, here you go. Visit and get:

These might be also helpful if you need:

Good Luck! :+1:

Bud, we are community-based forum and only allow discussion, solutions for specific matters, Please if you need version of any tool/software under Mac, search at Google, don’t ask here! Cooperate with us!


Brother When you have problem its always Welcome to ask questions on community. But In my understanding using community ONLY when you NOT FIND THE RIGHT ANSWER Anywhere Else, Or You are going to select something for long use so you need real using feedbacks/opinions.

We Are Familiar With A WORD Called HOMEWORK from our school. When You have problem or need information Its Always Best Way to Do a Google Search, Having Understanding About The Problem You are Facing. I can 99.99% Assured you when you have problem you are not alone who have it. Then For Clarifying answer or Getting Best Answer use community opinions. Please Dont Take Otherwise, Im not discouraging you to ask question either not connect with community. I am just trying to tell you how to GET BEST HELP From Helpers.

If You just google the Thread Title You Wrote You should have some Great Insights Including a Quora Question which might answer you some hide questions which you not see now but MUST When you Start.

SO WHEN A Problem Arise! ALWAYS DO YOUR HOMEWORK :blush: :blush:


Cheers!! @Dip_Sarker1 For your great response.
Everyone should definitely try to follow it.They might get some immediate help, googling their doubts!