[SOLVED] Any better alternative to Google Colab Pro/Colab?

I need high stable GPU on cloud, Google Colab seems unstable any better alternative?

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i think kaggle or aws free trial. Small companies can’t afford it.

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there was/is IBM cloud similar to Google Colab Jupyter
not sure if it has GPU features like colab’s
i used it few months ago

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Colab Pro: More RAM, longer run time, faster GPUs, $9.99

Google Colab now has a subscription offering.


$9.99 per month for approximately double the limits on everything, it looks like.

Deepnote.com - a Google Colab alternative | According to their documentation, there will be no interruptions for long-running jobs! And it’s FREE!

Website: http://deepnote.com/

Hardware: https://docs.deepnote.com/environment/selecting-hardware

Long-running jobs: https://docs.deepnote.com/environment/long-running-jobs

Also check the below posts, it will help you! :slight_smile: