[SOLVED] Alternatives to eBay to sell digital goods

As the title says, I’m searching for alterntives to eBay.
I’m looking for something that as eBay (or Etsy), does the “marketing” by itself.
Thanks in advance! :white_heart:


There are tons of alternative depending on what you are selling. If you are selling services, then Upwork is one place you can consider.

From culinary classes to local tour guides, there is no lack of marketplaces for you such as Cookly (for culinary classes from all over the world) to Trekeffect (to sell travel itineraries). Otherwise, if you are looking to build your own brand as you come up with your own designs or handcrafted items, do consider Storenvy too.

You name it, there’s probably a marketplace for it. It all comes down to what you are intending to sell, who’s your target audience and last but not least, whether do the marketplace caters to what you want?


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