[SOLVED] Access to Windows user files

I was using Windows 10 and my C drive in which Windows was install had very low space available due to that my Windows somehow corrupted and I couldn’t access to the data. I tried to install Windows to other drive D to access the data. Now I’m using D drive window but couldn’t access the data. I tried to go to the security setting in which I add other user “everyone” and tick all the access option but couldn’t get into the data. I bought an enclosure and put hard drive into that but when it loads on other pc, I encounter the same problem.

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in security tab go to advanced button options and check for Everyone if there is any deny profile then goto change permission button and allow it all. Your problem may be resolved now. Also close all dialogue boxes by apply and Ok buttons. Also you must be logged in as Administrator on windows


@LanguageISfree Good opinion mate, very nicely done.

@Brainy_Mate First of all, I’m wondering to know why you’ve faced low disk space issue and installed the fresh OS to another partition even the previous one could be get fixed, also you always have an option to remove junks, cleanup disk to trash waste that made by thumbnail/cache, etc to increase disk space. and control your files to not get copied to C Drive all the time. move them to safe drive time to time if anything personal available in C Drive under Documents/desktop or any other download folder.

Windows 10 has its awesome feature > Reset < > Rollback to fresh installation < without using OS media disc or image. if any lost access then the option can get covered via Recovering option when boot-up. there you have 2 different options, reset as fresh losing personal data, reset as fresh without losing personal data. It’s fine if you have missed this part. don’t panic we still have other options. I’m sure you’re looking to get personal files from C Drive.

The first solution is this: How To Solve Run File Explorer Elevated In Windows! Follow the thread and enable access.

The 2nd solution: it can be used as 1st solution as well as I said above, go to recovery option from boot-up and find out the resetting method, you have the option there to reset windows as fresh without losing personal files if the low disk space not that deeply low.

The 3rd solution if the above works then fine if not then use this, you can also ignore the above solution and try this instead: Retrieve Important Files From Windows Using A Linux Live CD | How To Get Files! (You can boot into your previous OS which is not responding and get your files)

The 4th options, similar to 2nd option: 5 System Rescue Boot Discs Based On Windows PE - Complete Guide!

Recovery tools or methods not recommended in your case because you have all the data and Drive untouched you only need access number 1st solution is to fix access on explorer, only OS corrupted and you can fix it by following the recovery method via Boot-up as I mentioned above.

Good luck and do let me know about the fix. :+1:


Cheers mate thanks for your support and quick response. I will try the methods which was mentioned above. Will let you know which one works in my case. :+1:t2:

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