[SOLVED] A bit guidance on Data Science

I want to pursue my career as data scientist… any help?


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How I went from zero coding skills to data scientist in 6 months


Actually the job title doesn’t matter, because data science is going to evolve a lot in next 20 years and we don’t know if it is going to be a ‘data scientist or ‘AI scientist’ or something else.

Yes data science career will still be good. A lot of sophisticated tools will be emerged in the market. (ref: datarobot etc)

Data is going to be too complex in a scale of several fold. The application of data science is going to be unimaginable. It has already been started applying in home kitchen (ref : rotimatic) to inter planetary exploration.

  • You will not need the skills you have as a data scientist today to do the same job in 20 years from now. So the highly skilled would be doing much complex jobs then.

My friend went through the same dilemma last year. She graduated in 2016 and like any other engineering graduate, She was trying to figure out the suitable option for my career. She got placed in a couple of companies already but didn’t like the generic profiles i.e. software engineer, system engineer and decided that she will look out for better opportunities.

She started looking for the current trends in IT industry and wasn’t surprised when I found data science being one of the rapidly growing careers. So I went on to do more in-depth research about what does this career offers and how can one start with it.

Back in 2015 when I used to search about Data Science, most of the opportunities that I found required some prior experience in analytics or development, as companies are awfully protective about the data (of course, they should be) and did not want someone with no experience to handle it. But, when I wanted to apply for a job in 2016, I noticed that there were many opportunities available for people with less than 1 year of experience and they focused more on the skills and less on the years you have on your resume. This is the scenario now.

The number, you can see here is 17% for freshers . This is the number of opportunities for you and this has increased by 20–30% in last 2 years and will continue to rise as per the demand. This makes it the best time for a fresher to start in data science, in the whole last decade.

Which companies hire freshers?

There are both MNCs as well as startups hiring for people in data science roles. One point to consider is that MNCs generally have a tendency of giving more value to marks, graduation percentage etc. rather than focusing on skills. There are a few big names such as MuSigma, ZS analytics, Fractal analysis etc, which hire for freshers and they train them in specific technologies but not all of them

Another option is the startups which are working in the same domain as they value your skills more than your experience or degree and are willing to hire people with the right skill set and knowledge such as Karvy analytics, Untrodden Labs, Bolt technologies and many more. Read more about the opportunities here.

What do they look for?

Even though there are really great opportunities available for freshers, these companies will only consider you if you have the right technologies and hands-on practical knowledge in your bag. There are thousand of people learning an applying for the same opportunity but only the ones, who have worked on it will be considered first.

Chicken and egg problem? Not exactly.

No prior job experience is required but you need to learn and work on the technologies required, as you will have to start working from the day one and will learn more on the job itself. Before you apply, these are the skills that companies look for and you need to acquire. What skills are required?

  1. Statistics and Mathematics
  2. Programming languages- R and/or Python
  3. Data mining, storage and manipulation
  4. Databases- SQL, NoSQL, PostgreSQL etc.
  5. Predictive analysis and modelling
  6. Machine learning algorithms
  7. Text mining
  8. Tableau, excel etc.
  9. Communication (One of the most important yet ignored by many applicants)

So these are the must-have skills if you want to start with this career. Here is a bigger picture about the skills-

Now you have a fair idea about the skills and what you need to learn but the question is, how to follow it?

  1. Start learning the skills above-mentioned one by one and in a structure where you work on them moving forwards.
  2. Find public data to create some models, work on live projects and assignments on your own by applying the skills and get hands-on experience on the same. you can use platforms i.e. Kaggle, HackerRank, HackerEarth etc. to practice and to build a portfolio which you can showcase to the companies as a proof of your work.
  3. Create a LinkedIn profile and update it with all the skills, get a professional resume, connect your profile with your portfolio and start working on interview preparations. Try mock interviews and communication and then you can start applying on the platforms such as angel.co, jobspire etc. and you will for sure get hired and land up with a job.

you have to check this out…
with perseverance successfully complete everything in this course diligently and you are good to go.


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