Solution To Open Thread If You're Unable To Open It Or Unable To Visit It

Hello Folks :blush:

Well, to keep the topic short let me add only basic ones.

From the last few days, I noticed many members here having trouble accessing/visiting topics here, especially, Awesome resources and other topics where links get shared more than 20 times.


Causes behind the scene:

This is a temp bug from the backend If you open a topic in a new tab, it won’t open properly, or if you click topic from the home page it probably won’t open. So all you have to do is to search manually and click on the topic that you see in the results.

Topics that won’t open properly are:

  • Topic that has used more than 2 bbcodes, especially center or colour ones.
  • Topic that has more than 10 text links, links, GitHub resources ones.
  • Topic that has codes inside writing, etc!

Here is the solution:

Go to Advanced Search > Type at least 2 words that used into the title > Awesome Pandas > You will get these results > Awesome Pandas Now simply Click on topic title that you see in the results. Baam! you are good to good! :100:

Advance Tip:

Also, keep in mind, Link searching function not working, means searching anything with links, we are working on it, so if you search anything with links (which is very important) kindly try to search with keywords and check all the results to getting caught to dumping anything that already exists.

Happy Learning & Bear With Us Until Unless We Fix The Bugs! :heart:


Perfect. Thanks @SaM :+1:


Yes. I figured it a few days ago.

Thanks Chief.


you can also go " giveaway category" and choose the topic which is not opened
this is my solution hope so it helps you.
and thanks for your suggestion.

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