Social Engineering Hacking Systems, Nations & Societies

Social engineering is an incredibly effective process of attack with more than 80% of cyber attacks, and over 70% of those from nation-states, being initiated and executed by exploiting humans rather than computer or network security flaws. Thus to build secure cyber systems, it is not only necessary to protect the computers and networks that make up these systems but also to educate and train their human users about security procedures as well. Attacks on humans are called social engineering because they manipulate or engineer users into performing desired actions or divulging sensitive information. The most general social engineering attacks simply attempt to get unsuspecting Internet users to click on malicious links. More focused attacks attempt to elicit sensitive information, such as passwords or private information from organizations or steal things of value from particular individuals by earning unwarranted trust. Continue reading…


  • Chapter 1 Introduction to Social Engineering Use
  • Chapter 2 The Continuum of Social Engineering
  • Chapter 3 Criminal Social Engineering Activities
  • Chapter 4 Securing Organizations Against Social
  • Chapter 5 Social Engineering At tacks Leveraging PII
  • Chapter 6 Hacking the Democratic Electoral
  • Chapter 7 Socially Engineered Attacks by Insiders
  • Chapter 8 Educating People to Prevent Social
  • Chapter 9 The Ascent of Cyber Darkness

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