Sneaker Flipping Guide | Beginners To Pro!

Some insight on my experience with Sneaker Botting.

FIRST: Do not get into it if you are not willing to spend money.

So as you all know, Sneaker reselling is a big market and there’s tons of money to be made if you use the right tools and know how to do it.

Last year I got into Sneaker reselling and did tons of research for this for a few months atleast. It takes ALOT of research and this post will make it easier for you if you are planning to get into it.

Alright so for Botting I recommend buying multiple bots or an AIO bot. You can also rent these bots if they are too big of an investment for you, but I’d say just buy them as you will fail a few times just trying to learn how to do it properly, I have lost over $1k in trying out proxies, accounts, bots etc. But I made it back within 2 weeks after i learned how to do this shit.

So the best AIO bot in the market is Cybersole. But getting your hands on it is hard asf. I have been trying for a year and still couldn’t get it. The bot costs 300 GBP and if you manage to buy it, it resells for $1500-2k easily so I’d say try for that.

Then I have tried Better Nike Bot and copped a few sneakers with that. If you are buying a bot, make sure to look for Youtube videos about it. Most of the time you will find referral codes that will get you like $50 discount on bots, proxies etc.

So for botting, you need a bot, accounts, cards and proxies. I will go over everything one by one:


  • CyberSole AIO
  • Balko Bot
  • NSB Bot
  • Better Nike Bot
  • Kodai Sneaker Bot
  • Wrath Sneaker Bot
  • Ganesh Bot
  • Mekpreme
  • AIO Bot
  • Dragon AIO Bot

These bots range from $50 - $1500. So check them all out. These are the best bots I know with good success rates.

(Once again - Buying a bot does not guarantee success, you have to know how this works, Proxies and Accounts matter too)

Bot Rental:

If you want to start small, and want to rent bots for specific days or weeks, people rent out these bots too ( I have tried this )

See if you could find more websites for renting out bots but these are pretty good.


Many of these bots come with account creators, or you could make the accounts yourselves or you can buy them as low as $0.5-2. These accs need phone verification so if you can find a verification service for cheap, go for it.


You need multiple cards. Like for 100 accounts you need atleast 10 cards. More is better. Try or some other service like that for this.


You need residential proxies for this

I haven’t explored that many proxies but I have tried Leaf and smart.

Alright so that’s all the things you need to know for basics. Get into Reddit Groups and talk to people and there are plenty of success stories where people will post which bots, proxies etc they use.

Happy learning!

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