Skrull | A Malware DRM, That Prevents Automatic Sample Submission By AV/EDR And Signature Scanning From Kernel


Skrull is a malware DRM, that prevents Automatic Sample Submission by AV/EDR and Signature Scanning from Kernel. It generates launchers that can run malware on the victim using the Process Ghosting technique. Also, launchers are totally anti-copy and naturally broken when got submitted.

It’s a proof-of-concept of the talk of ROOTCON & HITCON 2021, check out Skrull Like A King: From File Unlink to Persistence and Skrull Like A King:從重兵看守的天眼防線殺出重圍 :slight_smile:

note that currently support only x64 PE now, due to the ghosting technique.

Video Demo