Skillshare_DL_[1hack] Course Downloder not working

Hey guys
anyone face this problem
Skillshare free course downloder not working
Check plz[1hack].ipynb


yeah same here, working just nice last month…

Try this tool which i made, the first field you put the cookie and the second one you put the course link


anyone tested?

how to use this program? it’s Arabic language

The first field you put the cookie, the second one you put the course link, this is the tutorial, i know it’s in arabic but you can understand easily how it works by just watching


OMG, finally something worked thanks a lot I hope that this method will keep on working for me. Thanks man much appreciated :slight_smile:

it needs BINs, working ones… not any bin can works :sweat_smile:

When i do document.cookie it does not work. It’s one line with “…” at the end so i cannot get the full cookie.

Just tape document.cookie and click Enter if you are connected to your account, it will show you all the coockies as mention in the video

Virus total detects malware in the exe.

then you have a fake anti virus cuz the tool is made from python with a open source project already shared here, tested already and by eset internet security, Avast, kasper sky and Bit diffender, it shows that the tool is clean

Hi there. Thanks for ur solution. But I am no idea what cookies u r talking about. Can u please tell a bit? Which cookie or what kind of cookie should I put there? And where I could find it?

Yeah i was suppose to press enter, dumb error :sleeping:

Follow the video.

How do u mute the audio from the program?

uncheck the little box

wow it work dude

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