Six Flags A Free Flash Pass Method

This is how you get a free flash pass which allows you and 3 other people to skip lines:

  1. Go to and click “Register Yourself”. Fill it out normally with your info and choose the “Standing/Queuing: Individuals who physically cannot stand for a significant amount of time” accommodation option.

  2. Go on google and search up “Doctor’s Note Template” OR go on https://printabletem…l/doctors-note/ and download one of their templates.

  3. Go on Google and search up random list of Physicians and their NPI#(Provider ID) and use that when filling out the Healthcare Information section on the website from Step 1)

  4. Fill out the doctor’s note template, make it look believable by adding a random physician’s address, and phone #number in the Heading of the template. For the signature at the bottom you can just put their initials.

In the note, write any variation of the following:

“Patient has bunion and cannot stand up for longer than 5mins” or “Patient had leg injury/surgery and cannot stand in lines for longer than a couple mins”

  1. Next, for the “Is the cardholder able to stand in line for more than 10 minutes? *” question choose “NO

for the “Is the cardholder able to stand in line with other guests? *” question choose “YES

  1. Now Submit everything and click “Digital Card Download” at the top, then download it, screenshot it, show it to your mom.

When you go to 6Flags, ask the workers where the Accessibility Booth is and go there and show them this card, they will give you a paper that acts as your Flash Pass, worth hundreds of $$$.



Great method, but from my experience, it’s good to show up with a case of beer for security, and walk-in like a boss.

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