Simple way to download Wget and Rclone downloads into any folder

Many of you probably already know this trick, but I thought i’ll share anyway.

I usually use Wget-Wizard when downloading from Wget, and it does have the option to save in a specific folder, but I liked learning how to do it this way and actually felt more in control of where my stuff is going to go when downloaded.
Okay on

First (or you can wait) make your Wget or Rclone link I’m going to download THIS folder from THIS directory.

Now the trick! I Raidrive and have all my storage’s mounted. I want to save this to my new “Learning Drive” So I simply go to file explorer and open the folder. Since there’s random stuff in the folder i’m downloading I will have to sort the downloads later. So I’m going to put my downloads in a folder named Need Sorted.

Here’s the drive folder

Now click the folder link and delete it

Now type cmd in place of the link and click enter

Now the CMD will open in the folder. So whatever we put on there will be in that specific folder.

cmd window

Now all that’s left to do is paste your Wget or Rclone command and press enter and it will start saving in the folder.

I know I made this longer then it had to be and it could’ve been as simple as a text tutorial, but I wanted you to see the steps.I hope someone finds this helpful!

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