Should a virus be deleted or quarantined?

As soon as an infected file or item is detected or recognized by any security suit, by default (in most of the cases), the antimalware program moves that item from its original location or source to an isolated chamber/folder of the hard disk where the infected item can’t harm your device by triggering its hidden malicious codes any more.

This is termed as Quarantine . The core advantage of quarantining a suspicious file is, If it is a false alarm, they can teach their antivirus program to recognize it. A quarantined virus is perfectly harmless while in quarantine. It cannot run, and it’s well hidden. Human nature, of course, would prefer it entirely off the premises, so once you’re sure it’s not a file your computer needs — just delete it!

So, in simple, quarantine provides us an option to verify/check the particular infected file whether it is important to us or not before eliminating it for permanent basis from our device but if you set the Delete option as default, your AV will not provide you any scope or option to recover that item before deleting.

  • In a specific case, if it becomes a false positive, you may lose your very essential data permanently from your device even without your consent. So be sure about the preset action of your AV product whether Quarantine is set as default or not, if not please change the settings and make it the default command.

So, always it is recommended to Quarantine a suspicious item before deleting it.