Shodan Dork List | Find HQ Hits To Hacking ⚡

Citrix - Find Citrix Gateway. Example: title:“citrix gateway”[/align]

Wifi Passwords - Helps to find the cleartext wifi passwords in Shodan. Example: html:“def_wirelesspassword”

Surveillance Cams - With username admin and password. Example: NETSurveillance uc-httpd

Fuel Pumps connected to internet - No auth required to access CLI terminal. Example: “privileged command” GET

Windows RDP Password - But may contain secondary windows auth. Example: “\x03\x00\x00\x0b\x06\xd0\x00\x00\x124\x00”

Mongo DB servers - It may give info about mongo db servers and dashboard. Example: “MongoDB Server Information” port:27017 -authentication

FTP servers allowing anonymous access - Complete Anon access. Example: “220” “230 Login successful.” port:21

Jenkins - Jenkins Unrestricted Dashboard. Example: x-jenkins 200

Hacked routers - Routers which got compromised. Example: hacked-router-help-sos

Open ATM - May allow for ATM Access availability. Example: NCR Port:“161”

Telnet Access - NO password required for telnet access. Example: port:23 console gateway

Misconfigured Wordpress Sites - The wp-config.php if accessed can give out the database credentials. Example: http.html:"* The wp-config.php creation script uses this file"

Hiring - Find sites hiring. Example: “X-Recruiting:”

Android Root Bridge - Find android root bridges with port 5555. Example: “Android Debug Bridge” “Device” port:5555

Etherium Miners - Shows the miners running ETH. Example: “ETH - Total speed”

Tesla Powerpack charging Status - Helps to find the charging status of tesla powerpack. Example: http.title:“Tesla PowerPack System” http.component:“d3” -ga3ca4f2

Happy learning!