Sherlock | Hunt down social media accounts by username across social networks

How Do I Hunt Down Social Media Accounts Using Sherlock? :thinking:

" Social media is one of the easiest platform for hackers to find out information about any particular person or target. - Ankit Dobhal "

Today! I wake up very late in the morning,& later at 9:30 I had a breakfast.
Then something happened one of my friend sent me a link about a tool Sherlock which could hunt down social media accounts with username.

Well as I usually do !!
I sat down in a cheer in front my computer with a cup of coffee,boot up my operating system.
Then I go through github link of Sherlock & started learning about that tool.

What is Sherlock?

Sherlock is a python based tool which can reveal many user accounts created by the same person in the multiple social media platforms with their screen_name or username .
sherlock script is written on python. You can checkout the whole script from its github link.

How I Hunt Down Social media Accounts With Sherlock?

Step 1 → Installed Sherlock
In a terminal window I copied the link of sherlock from github and run following commands.

Note : Python3 and python3-pip have to be installed.

To get help about Sherlock I tried python sherlock -h command from inside
the Sherlock folder.

Step 2 → Identify screen name
Just after reading the help I was ready to start script.But wait how to find out screen name of my target? Then I found screen name of my target by running a Google search and “Twitter.”

My target was Sir Robert Baptiste aka elliot_alderson . He is french security researcher & I admire his work on security a lot.

Step 3 → Scan for accounts
Then finally I ran script with following commands in my terminal screen python target_name -r --print-found to find out all social media account of my target.

Note : ‘-r’ argument in the above command will organize the list of found
accounts by which websites are most popular,& ‘–print-found’ will
show all accounts in terminal screen.

So as you can see above example that how I hunt down account all over internet using script.I also tried to contribute some file in this tool You can go through with this link to find out sherlock tool.


Useful information. Thanks


Isnt this just simple google searching? Only like saves you time and effort ?