Shared Drive Deleted

Is CCU Edu shared drive stopped because I had a used it about 15 days ago but can’t see it right now in my shared drive tab of google drive.

Most likely they removed your drive.

Better to buy a cheap domain and get yourself a normal google workspace of your own.

They don’t enforce the data limit per user at this moment.

I’m using 2 accounts and they both go beyond the 5Tb/user :grin:


How to get google workspace?

On namecheap you can buy a very cheap domainname.

Create an e-mail address on that domain.

Then at google workspace you select the option you want. (I have the second one that is around 20$/month).

Go trough the process and say the name of your bussiness is the same as your domain.

And to verify your domain you best use the dns option. It will guide you trough the setup to verify your domain.

And once done you have a unlimited gdrive.

Better to have to pay for it to stay then to pray for it to stay

yup CCU Edu drive got cleaned. This is the reason why you always have to have multiple drive backups

Leading to more abuse, and later more restrictions, free won’t stay long.

Can we change the domain later ??

Yes, you can even add multiple domains to one account

Thanks for the insight bruh, much appreciated.

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Dear Sir,
is there any way to recover files that were in the shared drive?
I had many important course collections in TeamDrive.

No. Once the shared drive is removed all files are wiped aswell.

You’ll have to search and collect everything again.