Share Accounts Without Sharing Passwords | Keyring - Safely Share Subscriptions

Keyring ( is a new tool that lets you securely grant other people access to your online accounts without needing to hand over your password. Setup is very straightforward.
Sign in with your Google account – you’ll need to give the extension (encrypted, read-only) access to your contact list – then choose which services to share. These include Netflix, Spotify, Apple Music and Prime Video.

You can then invite friends and family to join your Keyring via email – they’ll also need to install the Keyring extension to access your services on their own computer.

It’s worth bearing in mind that most of these services have device limits, so not everyone will be able to use them at the same time.

The free version of Keyring lets you share six services with three people, which should be enough for most users. Unlimited monthly plans start at $5 (£4).



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