Set A Custom Discord Status [Noob-Friendly] Guide!

  1. Head to

  2. Click on a new application

  3. Give your application a name that you want to be displayed on your status

  4. Go to Rich Presence → Art Assets → Put up a cover image

  5. Add an image to the Rich Presence Assets that you will want to display

  6. Install EasyRP for Linux or to windows:

  7. Unzip it and go into config.ini

  8. Set ClientID= to whatever is in General Information on your Discord bot

  9. Set State= and Details= what you want to see displayed like on the screenshot above

  10. Set LargeImage= to the text to whatever you set your bot under Rich Presence → Art Assets → Rich Presence Assets

  11. Save the config.ini file and run easyrp.exe

  12. You’re done! Congrats!

Happy Learning! :blush: