SEO - Basics And Importance - You Ever Wondered To Know!

This tutorial teaches you some important aspects of SEO.
It will be really helpful for everyone and i hope you learn from it.

Primitive Steps

Before selecting a domain, you need to be clear with the idea of what you want to do with and what is unique in your idea.
For this i will like to suggest you that make a task list and mark all the points that you want to formulate for your site.
Now this is the time you need to find a good domain name, even if you don’t have a good domain name you will still do good if you have a unique niche. But do believe me if you don’t have unique niche than it will be pretty difficult to improve your ranking.

After this you should create a rough sitemap and what type of content you will add to your site.
When you are done with all this stuff now is your time to find a good host and upload all your content and you are ready to go.

Site is Up, Now what should i do

It is now time that you need to upload all the content to your site. ( Remember that always add unique content to your site)
Now you need to make a sitemap for your site so that the search engine can scan your whole website and understand what content is present at which place.
To create a sitemap you can use free Google or bing webmasters tool.
Google webmasters tool

Targeted Traffic

Targeted traffic means that you need to have people who are actually interested in the stuff that your website offers. For example :-
If i am having a gaming website then what good will it do if i invite a website designer there ? They might visit 1-2 time when you ask but that will not become regular visitor because the content is not of their interest.
Meta Tags and Meta Description are always advised by the webmasters to implement in their site. The use of meta tags is they allow webmasters to give a short description about their website to the users who are looking up in the search engine. Tags always help to segregate content from other websites.
P.S. Meta Tags are not hardly used by google and crawlers themselves decide for keywords based on keyword density. Bing uses meta tags though
Submit your site to search engines and Directory
It is very important that you want to add your website to search engines because that’s when search engine will know that their is a site EXAMPLE which EXAMPLE-CONTENT.
The important search engine that you should add your content to are
Yahoo which is automatically added if you add your site to bing.
Ask, Baido Lycos are more than enough
Directory that you should submit your site to->
The open directory DMOZ ( Most difficult to add your, you need to have unique niche and content )
These are some links of web directories

Importance of Social Media

The role of social media for a website is very important. If your website can have implementation of Socail media it will be great because everyone has the social media accounts these days.
For promotion of your site social media is important. You should remember that mouth to mouth advertising is better and always give good results.
Sharing of webpages result in a huge amount of audience to know about the site.

Keyword Research

Keywords are really important for your website, if you are not an expert then also you can do good. For this you need to visit your competitors websites and check what niches they are using, what type of content they are using, how are they promoting their site. Thoroughly analyze all of these and you will come up with your own niche and method. It is advised that you should often update your keywords depending upon Fresh content.
After you research your keywords, and implement on your site, you should always invest some money on Google adwords because it will help you get a lot of traffic to your site from appropriate keywords. Adwords is one of the main source of Google income and it is really powerful tool for a webmaster. So use it wisely with proper keywords. You can also check your stats in Google analytics and it is a great too to use

Now you will be thinking why are we doing this? Why not have my site running and i just upload my stuff ?
The ANSWER is that we are making our website friendly for search engines.
There is a difference between human beings and search engine bots. Usually we say them bots or spider or crawler. The reason is that they use to crawl from one link to another and then to another. They do this all the time. Now if you have unique niche the bots will know that where they can go when EXAMPLE is typed. They use backlinks for this purpose as well. I have explained about backlinks below. Search Engine bots do following things:-

  • Searching
  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Processing
  • Relevancy
  • Retrieving

These are some important things that they do.
You must have seen websites showing Google Bot, Alexa Internet Bot, Bing Bot, Yahoo Bot, Lycos bot, baidu Bot
These are some example of the bots and for them to show our website on the top of their pages when anyone searches on search engine, we do this. This is the answer to your question.

What are Backlinks

Backlinks mean that those links from which a user can come to your site and from which a user can go to other site. That is if use can come to your site it is inbound backlink and if use can goto your site then it is outbound backlink. The backlinks are an Important aspect of SEO, because they decided your popularity. Search engines have the habit of giving more rank to the site which more number of backlinks.
Backlinks should always be made with the websites which have content relevant to yours. If you are making irrelevant backlinks then it is of no use. Anchor test should be used to decide what should be the text that you should use with the link to make relevancy of backlinks. If you link your website on improper places then we call then bad nebghour because they are of no use to us.
There are a lot of software that helps you to make backlinks as well.


Sometimes you do not want your site to scan your full website, you need some part that you want to keep private. This can be done by adding a text file called robots.txt in the root.
You can again use google webmasters tool to create robots.txt and it is pretty easy to do as well.

Finally Search Engine is not a process that can result in a day or a week.
You can see the result of SEO in a month and you will definitely like it.

I hope you learned somethings from this tutorial, Thank You Very Much for reading.



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