SEO 101 For WordPress Web Designers | Optmization

What is SEO?

The art of tricking search engines into thinking your website or web page is the right answer to a search query

  • What’s the easiest way to do that?
  • Be the Right Answer!

3 Main Parts of SEO

  1. Keywords - Identify what people are searching for
  2. Content - Use those phrases naturally in everything you do online
  3. Backlinks - Get backlinks to your website from good related websites

What is a Keyword?
● A word or phrase someone uses to do a search online, 88% of the time on Google
● A question asked on Google to find an answer
● If people don’t find the right answer they are looking for they don’t look on page 2 or 3 of Google, they refine their question.
● Google Instant often auto-completes the question for you, did you mean?..

Pick The Right Keywords
Just because a keyword gets searched for the most does not mean it is the “right” keyword for you.
● Is it exactly what you do?
● Do people using it have the right intent?
● What makes you unique related to that
keyword. Ie: cheapest, fastest, best etc

Download: SEO-101-For-WordPress-Web-Designers.pdf (942.5 KB)

Happy learning!