Security Firm Kaspersky Believes It Found New CIA Malware

Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky said today it discovered new malware that appears to have been developed by the US Central Intelligence Agency. From a report:

Kaspersky said it discovered the malware in “a collection of malware samples” that its analysts and other security firms received in February 2019. While an initial analysis did not find any shared code with any previously-known malware samples, Kaspersky has recently re-analyzed the files and said it found that “the samples have intersections of coding patterns, style and techniques that have been seen in various Lambert families.” Lamberts is the internal codename that Kaspersky uses to track CIA hacking operations. Four years ago, after WikiLeaks exposed the CIA hacking capabilities to the public in a series of leaks known as Vault7, US security firm Symantec publicly linked the Vault7 hacking tools to the CIA and the Longhorn APT (another industry name for Lamberts).