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The Fastest Hash Cracking System
pip3 install search-that-hash && sth

:thinking: Overview

Tired of going to every website to crack your hash? Search-That-Hash automates this process in less than 2 seconds. Search-That-Hash searches the most popular hash cracking sites and automatically inputs your hash(s) for cracking

:mag: Features

  • :keyboard: Auto-Type Identification - No need to know the hash type, Search-That-Hash uses Name-That-Hash to get accurate results on the type of the hash.
  • :no_mobile_phones: Offline Mode - Not connected to the internet? No worries, Search-That-Hash will automatically run Hashcat for you.
  • :dash: Fast - We’re all busy people and that’s why we’ve dedicated time to make Search-That-Hash as fast as possible.
  • :mechanical_arm: JSON API - As well as JSON output for CLI we also offer an API.
  • :wheelchair: Accessible - We are 100% Accessible.
  • :ticket: Extensible - Adding sites to Search-That-Hash is as easy as printing “hello world” !
  • :rainbow: Beautiful - The colours were hand-selected to be as gnarly and accessible as possible .
  • :peace_symbol: Ethical - We search hashes ethically and legally.

:mobile_phone_off: Offline Mode

Couldn’t find it in any API? :cry: STH automatically pipes your input into Hashcat :partying_face:

Make sure to specify a wordlist if you want STH to use HashCat with -w /path/to/wordlist. If you are on Windows you must specify the path to your HashCat binary and folder in config.json :slightly_smiling_face:

:hammer: Installation

Install Search-That-Hash as fast as you can read this README. No, seriously – it’s that easy :sunglasses:

pip3 install search-that-hash


pip install search-that-hash



To run.

Note: We can’t guarantee all of the APIs provide perfect privacy due to being closed source. If you need to crack sensitive, personal information please use the offline mode or Hashcat directly.

:family: Project Family

Like Search-That-Hash? We have 2 other projects you’ll love!

Project Family
Name-That-Hash Ciphey

Instantly identify what type of hash it is. With support for over 300 hashes, descriptions and popularity ratings! Automatically decrypt ciphers, decode encodings, crack hashes, and more. Not sure what the text is? Use this!

:movie_camera: Demos

Greppable mode

:sparkles: Google Colab

We now have support for running STH on google colab for faster hashcat cracking, no need to worry about running hashcat on your machine anymore! Many thanks to Drago for making this :slight_smile:

:open_book: Documentation

Want to know how everything works?

Or maybe want to use the API!

Thats why we have documentation!

:books: Documentation :bird: My Twitter (@ me for questions) :bowling: Discord
Wiki JaySec Discord

:writing_hand: Contributing

We would love any contributions to search-that-hash, thats why we’ve made it as simple and as easy as we can to contribute! Simply follow the docs on “Contributing” :innocent:

:heart: Final thanks

Thank you so much to Bee who pretty much mentored me the whole way through this process and never failed to provide help and great resources for me to learn, carry on the great work! :slight_smile:

Thank you also to Fawaz for the amazing website! :construction:

…And to Jabba & Skeletal for helping out with some of the code :computer:

Thank you to the TryHackMe community, they taught me so much in infosec and its a pleasure being part of it!

Lastly, this project was inspired by Hashbuster so thank you for the work!



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