Search Smarter By Dorking | Complete Guide!


IN SHORT: A look at advanced internet searches with “Google dorking,” how they work across different search engines, and how you can use the technique in your investigations. Mind the tips on protecting your privacy while searching, and safeguarding your personal information from those who might use this technique for malicious purposes.


When investigating, you often need to gather as much information as possible about a topic. Advanced search techniques can help to uncover files or leads that are relevant to the questions you are trying to answer. For example you may be able to find a company’s tax returns or a local government’s expenditure reports, information that may not appear on their websites or show up when you do a regular web search.

Google dorking (also known as Google hacking) is a technique used by newsrooms, investigative reporting organisations, security auditors and tech savvy criminals to query search engines in order to find hidden information that might be available on public websites or to identify evidence of digital security vulnerabilities. This technique can be used on most search engines, not just Google’s, so we typically refer to it simply as “dorking.”

Dorking involves using search engines to their full potential to unearth results that are not visible with a regular search. It allows you to refine your searches and dive deeper, and with greater precision, into webpages and documents that are available online. Uncovering hidden files and security flaws by dorking does not require a great deal of technical knowledge. It really boils down to learning just a few search techniques and using them across a number of search engines.

All you need to carry out a Google dork is a computer, an internet connection and a basic understanding of the appropriate search syntax: keywords and symbols (sometimes called “operators” or “filters”) that you can use to refine your search results. To do so effectively, however, you may also need persistence, creativity, patience and luck.

Content list:

  • A brief history of dorking
  • To dork or not to dork
  • Safety First!
  • How dorking works
  • Dorking for Dummies
  • Examples
  • Dork It Yourself
  • Tables
  • Defensive dorking
  • Other privacy-aware search engines
  • Checking, security vulnerabilities
  • Sensitive information
  • Resources
  • Tools and Databases
  • Glossary

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